Hose assembly

Hose assembly

Over the past 40 years, we developed extensive experience and know-how in hydraulic and industrial hose and piping assembly. We can assemble a wide range of hose assemblies made to your particular specifications and measurements.

Regardless of application, diameter, or working pressure requested, you will benefit at Hebdraulique from expertise at the forefront of the industry and from high-performance hose products that meet rigorous quality standards.

In order to prevent leaks or defects, each of our hose assemblies is subject to painstaking quality control and testing as appropriate for its projected use, so that you may resume operations quickly and with peace of mind.

The following are among the various services offered at Hebdraulique by our hose assembly team:

  • Full-range precision assembly of industrial, pneumatic, metallic, and hydraulic hose and tubing
  • Hydraulic line fabrication (rigid piping and flex hoses) from 3/8 to 10"
  • Worn-out or damaged hose replacement
  • Installation of hose fittings & couplings of any type
  • Troubleshooting, maintenance, and adjustment of hydraulic systems and their components
  • Sale of high-quality hose products

Our hose assembly services provide the following advantages:

  • More than 40 years of experience in hose assembly of all type
  • Fast and efficient assembly processes
  • Fully equipped hose assembly shops
  • Dedicated teams of hose assembly technicians devoted to quality service and always ready to answer your questions
  • Cutting on production/delivery delays with assembly at the nearest service center
  • Quality control reduces risks of assembly errors
  • Wide range of standard and custom hose assembly for all price ranges