Hydraulic repairs

Hydraulic repairs

If your hydraulic equipment needs repairs or one of your hydraulic line has suffered a failure, we can help you.

Hebdraulique is a company with extensive expertise in solving problems of a hydraulic nature that provides its customers with a complete range of services: repairs, maintenance, assembly and replacement of any type of hydraulic hose, tubing, piping, or line, whether in an industrial or mobile equipment context.

Our repairs and preventive maintenance services support the productivity of our customers’ business as well as the safety of their employees.

Fast and courteous service

Because hydraulic equipment failure or a burst hose can delay or paralyze your entire operation, we understand perfectly the importance of fast service when an untimely accident occurs.

As such, the dedicated technicians of our hydraulic hose repair team can troubleshoot and correct a vast range of technical issues as soon as possible, including: damaged hose repairs, hose & fittings replacement, instrumentation calibration, as well as new hose assembly and installation.

The wide range of hydraulic products available on-site in our local service centers allows us to provide a vast selection of replacement parts that meet the highest standards of the industry.

« We are the reference for hydraulic hose and fittings in Montreal and beyond in Canada »

Repairs workshop

All of our service center workshops are equipped with cutting-edge tools and equipment in order to meet any challenge when diagnosing or repairing hydraulic and pneumatic lines. Aiming for complete customer satisfaction, we endeavour to assist you and to be at your disposal if you need assistance or have question.

Here are some example of the type of services we can offer to assist with your hydraulic repairs needs:

  • Repair and complete installation of hydraulic lines on heavy machinery, manufacturing production line, mobile and jobsite equipment
  • Preventive maintenance on high pressure machinery
  • Troubleshooting and repair of hydraulic power units and components
  • Decontamination of your hydraulic system
  • Maintenance program to keep your hydraulic systems in good working order, safe, and long-lasting
  • Replacement of obsolete parts
  • Fine-tuning of your hydraulic equipment and systems
  • Leak inspection and seal replacement
  • Parts selling at the counter or over the phone
  • After-sale service and technical advice for your many needs

All hoses and piping we repair or refurbish can be tested as needed or on request before being reinstalled on your equipment.

If a hose assembly on your industrial equipment or heavy machinery needs repair or replacement, you can bring it to any of our service centers where we will repair it or make a replacement hose assembly on the spot, taking into account your measurements and requirements.

To request our hydraulic repair services, use our locator to find the nearest Hebdraulique service center or fill out this form.